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Authentic and actionable marketing for small businesses

Need help with marketing?

You’re in luck. I can help with strategic and tactical marketing initiatives.


Implement an integrated marketing strategy

Feel like your marketing is all over the place or that your efforts never amount to measurable results? An integrated marketing plan can help. By creating and executing on your integrated marketing plan, you can:

  • Decide how to spend your marketing budget for the biggest impact

  • Make sure each marketing tactic builds on your previous efforts

  • Measure the effectiveness of each tactic

  • See results faster and adjust your strategy when needed

  • Track deadlines across marketing channels and work ahead when possible

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Create a website you’re excited to show off

Whether your existing website could use a little love or you’re starting fresh, I can help. With your ideal customer in mind, together we will:

  • Create a comprehensive website strategy

  • Choose the right website hosting platform for your business

  • Design a site you love and that's easy for people to use

  • Tell your story using compelling content and imagery

  • Make a plan to keep your website going strong

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Get found online with search engine optimization

You invested time and money into your website. Make sure the right people find it with search engine optimization (SEO). Part art and part science, SEO makes sure your site comes out on top. With your ideal customer in mind, together we will:

  • Conduct a competitive analysis and identify key differentiators

  • Audit your existing website content and pinpoint opportunities for improvement

  • Research and select keywords to guide content creation and SEO efforts

  • Utilize SEO best practices to optimize new and existing website content

  • Evaluate website speed and mobile-optimization

  • Set up Google Search Console to track your site’s progress

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Tell your story through content creation

Unique and compelling content sets your business apart and powers your search engine optimization efforts. Maybe you have ideas in mind, but writing isn’t your thing or maybe you’d rather hand the process off to someone else entirely. We can work together to:

  • Create unique and authentic content for your website that sets you apart from the competition, including web page copy, videos, infographics, check lists, cheat sheets, and more

  • Refresh and repurpose existing content to be used across all channels

  • Edit and format content created by your team for use in marketing

  • Evaluate blogging as a content strategy for your business

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Amplify your message with social media

Your customers and prospects are on social media and that means you probably should be too. By connecting with people on social media, you can create brand evangelists who will recommend your product or services to their friends and coworkers. With your ideal customer in mind, we will:

  • Identify the social media channels your customers prefer and the content they engage with the most

  • Establish your business on the social channels that are best for your business

  • Create a sustainable social media calendar enabling you to batch create content and eliminate the pressure to create content every day

  • Explore social media tools to make it easier to keep up with what’s going on across multiple channels

  • Consider organic and paid social media campaigns to attract new followers to your business

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Connect with your customers via email

Email is a powerful tool for your business—if it’s implemented correctly. Email too often and people unsubscribe. Too little and your engagement drops. We can work together to:

  • Select the best email marketing tool for your business

  • Create branded email templates that make it easy to send out regular email campaigns

  • Determine how often to email and what to send to maximize engagement

  • Set up a lead magnet to grow your email list

  • Leverage email automation to make it easy to follow up with customers

  • Ensure your email marketing complies with CAN-SPAM laws

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