Holdgrafer Marketing
Holdgrafer Marketing
Authentic and actionable marketing for small businesses

Get a fresh perspective.

As business owners, we think we should have all the answers. But sometimes we don’t know what to do next.

And that’s okay.


You need a partner. Someone to brainstorm with, to hold you accountable, or to help you get started.

Have you:

  • Been marketing your business for awhile, but find that lately you’re running out of ideas?

  • Spent time and money on marketing, but didn’t get results?

  • Had someone hard sell you on marketing tactics that just didn’t feel right?

  • Decided to tackle a big project, but wound up overwhelmed by all of the choices and put the project on hold instead?

What if you:

  • Had a comprehensive marketing plan based your unique business needs to guide your marketing decisions?

  • Were confident that your ideal customer knew who you were and what you were about?

  • Knew where to focus your efforts to get the biggest bang for your buck?

  • Were clear that you had the right marketing technology in place to help your business grow?

You need a marketing coach. Someone to help you identify blindspots that might be holding you back.

I coach brilliant and driven small business owners and entrepreneurs who know they need to market their businesses, but who aren’t sure where to start or who to trust. Together, we craft integrated marketing plans that reflect their unique value proposition and help them find their ideal customers.

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